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Commercial Electrical Services at Tesla Electricians

Our electricians at Tesla Electricians Atlanta GA are highly trained professionals that have been practicing electrical installation and maintenance for years making them the most qualified individuals to cater all your electrical service needs. We serve all of Atlanta GA area so you can be confident that we will be able to reach you wherever you are.

We’re always ready for emergency services with on-call electricians available 24/7 ready to be of service wherever and whenever you need it. Call us today to schedule commercial electrical services!

Need to upgrade parking lot lighting for added security?

We’re going to evaluate your current office parking lot and we’ll offer suggestions so that you’ll be able to provide your employees and customers the right lighting for a much safer environment.

Want to reduce your monthly electrical bills and upgrade to an energy efficient lighting system?

These new energy efficient lighting and lighting controls are equipped with timers, occupancy sensors, fluorescent bulbs and more. Our electricians here at Tesla Electricians are going to give you an advice on what will work best for your business resulting in a much desirable environment.

Our Tesla Electricians Commercial Electrical Services include the following:

  • Low and medium voltage reticulation, switchgear and distribution systems
  • Heavy power reticulation, power factor correction, and energy conservation equipment
  • Prime and standby generation and uninterruptible power systems
  • Building services including special protection, control, monitoring and illumination systems
  • Marina electrical design and installation
  • Mechanical services
  • Automated control systems
  • Voice and data systems
  • Power reticulation

So, whenever your business needed a repair or an upgrade on its electrical system, Tesla Electricians is your top choice for electrical contractors across Atlanta GA. No other electrical contractors have the widest coverage in terms of services and areas served than Tesla Electricians. We have electricians throughout Atlanta GA who are always ready to work anytime, anywhere. You can guarantee good results when the job is done. Call or contact us to get started!